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Central Heating Installation & Maintenance

At Olympic Plumbing & Heating we are experienced in central heating installations, from designing and finding the right system for you to fixing an existing one and get your home back up to the right temperature. We use the highest quality materials for all of our installation ensuring you that the product will be to the highest standard.

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Boiler Replacements

Our team understand that when your heating stop working your whole world comes to a halt. That is why when we install/ replace boiler we only use the highest quality materials and tools to ensure that the boiler will last.

Using our 15 years experience we know the most efficient solutions for all types of properties, ensuring that you receive the most cost effective system.


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Can I change central heating types?

Our engineers are trained and insured to install every type of heating system. For the most efficient system we recommend a mains gas to wet system. This is because compared to an electric system you could save +£500 a year. The electric systems are cheaper to buy and install initially but is more expensive to run in the long term.

Another alternative to an electric system, if you can't connect to the national gas grid, is a wood burning central system. This system could save you up +£800 a year compared to an electric system.

How Much Does A Central Heating System Cost To Install?

To factor into the cost of a central heating system you need to consider; a new boiler £1,250 -£1,850, radiators parts and labour £1,100, pipe work £865, water tank supply and installation £200 and cost of extra parts labour £265. For an average house, three bedroom, it would come to about £4,000.

This can all vary on your choice of boiler and style of radiator.

Types Of Central Heating & Boilers

Combination Boiler

This system take cold water directly from the mains and heats it up when a hot water tap is opened. This means that you have access to an unlimited amount of hot water and no need for a cold water tank or hot water cylinder storage, saving you space.

However it does mean that it does take a couple of seconds for the hot water to heat up on demand and if multiple taps are in use the flow of hot water could reduce.

Conventional Boilers

This system uses a hot water and cold water storage tank. The boiler is heated up using gas or oil to heat the water and then stored in the hot water storage tank for use throughout the day.  With this system you are able to us multiple taps at once and are able to have an electric immersion heater install to your hot water cylinder encase your boiler breaks down.

However this does take up space to store the hot and cold water tanks and you may have to wait for the tank to heat up again if you run out of hot water throughout the day.

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